Single Tickets are Now Available!

Single tickets are now available for the thirteenth season of Harris Theater Presents Mainstage performances that the Chicago Sun-Times called a “cornucopia of international, national and local programming," declaring the Harris as “the place to go during the 2016–2017 season." Buy your tickets today!

Single tickets are also available for the 2016–17 Exelon Family Series and MIX at SIX series. 

About Harris Theater

The Harris Theater’s primary mission is to partner with an array of Chicago’s music and dance performing arts organizations to help them build the resources and infrastructure necessary to achieve artistic growth and long-term organizational sustainability.

Join Us and Imagine a New Experience

The Harris Theater invites you to join us in honoring a timeless vision: A home in the heart of Chicago for dance and music to thrive. Today, the Imagine campaign has raised $28 million, laying the foundation for a state-of-the-art space brimming with innovation, creativity, and conversation. Join us for Imagine Now as we raise the final $11 million. Watch a video to learn more about the transformation.

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Season Sponsor and Official Airline of the Harris Theater

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Season Sponsor and Official Airline of the Harris Theater